GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training for Level 1 Teacher Training


Purpose: To prepare the student physically for the Foundation Teacher Training Course. Therefore the main focus is on the physical execution of the essential exercises according to the Pre-Training Course Exercise List. The Pre-Training Course is designed to prepare the student to become a Certified Gyrotonic Trainer Level 1.

It is strongly recommended that the students wanting to enroll in the Pre-Training Course take at least 5 private or introductory lessons on the Pulley Tower Prior to enrollment and are familiar with progressions one.

Pre-Training Course Instructors:
The student must complete all Pre-Training hours with a Master Trainer or a qualified and authorized Pre-Trainer who is on the official Pre-Trainer list on file at Gyrotonic International Headquarters.

Amount of days:
The Pre-Training Course consists of a minimum of 6 days in length, and the student must complete a minimum of 30 hours during these six days.

Dates Offered:
May 7-12 , 2019
This course will be run over 6 consecutive days with no days off.

We are currently at capacity for our training, however we are offering a waitlist and have additional training available. Please inquire with rachelcarty@hotmail.com

Nosara, Santa Marta, Guanacaste Costa Rica
The studio is located in the pristine blue zone of Nosara Costa Rica. The gorgeous ocean and fresh lush national jungle forest reserve makes this an ideal setting for movement trainings.

Course fee to be paid in USD to Pretrainer Rachel Carty $650.00 USD.
Studio fee to paid to the studio owner Rachel Carty to cover costs of travel and accommodations for pre-trainer as well as studio overheads approximately $350.00 USD to be paid to the studio. For details, please contact rachelcarty@hotmail.com.

Full payment of studio fee is required to reserve your spot in this training. Training will be limited to 6 participants.  Studio fee is non-refundable. Studio fees must be received by March 30, 2019. Course fee is due the first day of the course.

GYROTONIC® Foundation Training

Visit www.gyrotonic.com for all curriculum details.

Prerequisite: Signed Gyrotonic pre-training qualification agreement.

This course introduces the teaching techniques and principals underlying the exercises taught on the Pulley-Tower Combination Unit. Students learn in supervised groups taking the role of student and teacher alternately to facilitate the learning process.

The methodology is taught through use of verbal and visual instruction as well as physical guidance. Emphasis is placed on synchronizing breathing patterns with the corresponding movement. Specific attention will be paid to the “hands on applications” of the student to a moving person. Participants learn to prepare individual Gyrotonic exercise programs.

A certificate of apprenticeship signed by Juliu Horvath only, will be issued upon SUCCESSFUL completion of the course allowing Students to begin teaching.

Specialized equipment training is available upon request. Please inquire for details.